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      Otter Lake lies about 20 kilometers west of the Town of Smitth's Falls. The lake is located in the Township of Rideau Lakes that came into being on January 1, 1998 as an amalgamation of the former Townships of North Crosby, South Crosby, Bastard and South Burgess, South Elmsley and the Village of Newboro. The Township lies in the northwest corner of the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, and is geographically the largest municipality in the County. A part of the southern shore of the lake parallels highway 15, the main highway between Ottawa and Kingston. The map below (from the Township of Rideau Lakes) shows the location of Otter Lakes in respect to other lakes, towns and villages in the surrounding area.

      Otter Lake is accessed from highway 15, Otter Lake Road and Briton Houghton Bay Road. Otter Lake does not have any public beaches but does have a public boat launch accessed from highway 15. There are 3 campgrounds/trailer parks on the lake and a boys and girls summer camp (Camp Otterdale). The lake also has a large conservation area on the Southeast shore hat belongs to RVCA, however it is not maintained and has no trails nor public access.
      The map on the right, extracted from the Heritage Map of the Township of Rideau Lakes, shows all the access roads to Otter Lake. It demonstrates some of the confusion that existed as a result of duplicate numbering. Otter Lake bisects the wards of South Elmsley and Bastard South Burgess. When these Wards were amalgamated into the new Township of Rideau Lakes. several road numbers ended up being duplicated. For example, roads numbered O1, O2, O3 and O4 are duplicated. O1, O2, O3 and O4 are accessed from Otter Lake Road, but there are also 3 short roads numbered O1X, O1A and O1B that are accessed from Highway 15 along with another O2. There is another road O3 accessed from Briton Houghton Bay Road and a road O4 that is accessed from Sugar Bush Hill Road.
      The Township has been aware of this problem and has struggled with finding a solution. In 2016 as a result of pressure from OLLA and the Big Rideau Lake Association (Big Rideau Lake also has duplicate access roads)), the Township renamed all the lake access roads in the ward of Bastard South Burgess to eliminate the duplication and the possibility of first responders to an emergency situation arriving at the wrong address. Unfortunately the Township maps have not yet been updated to reflect these change, hence the map still shows the pre-2016 Otter Lake access road numbers. In 2016 O1X was renamed Sabre Lane, O1A became Sandy Beach Lane and O1B is Deuces Lane. O2 is McCarthy Lane, The O3 from Briton Houghton Bay Road is now Forgotten Lane and O4 is Merganser Lane. Even though the duplication of road numbers issue has been resolved, all property owners who want to be assured of a correct response in the event of an emergency should be sure that they have a civic address that is registered with the Township.
      The map below is a composite created by the Lake Steward from an Otter Lake wetlands map from Watersheds Canada and a map from MNRF showing wetlands classified as provincially significant (PSW) . The map also shows Otter Lake access roads and land parcel boundaries The PSW wetlands are identified in red. There are numerous PSWs in the vicinity of Otter Lake and any development, commercial or residential on these wetlands is prohibited. In addition restrictions apply to any development in proximity to them.

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