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WELCOME to the Otter Lake Landowners Association (OLLA). 

We are an association of property owners from all around Otter Lake.  Formed in 1992, our objectives as a non-profit community association are straight-forward:

  • Monitor and report on water quality and a multitude of conditions affecting the lake environment;
  • Work with local and regional governments, road associations and landowners;  
  • Organize activities, events and studies which benefit Otter Lake and the immediate environs;
  • Communicate regularly with this community through Newsletters,  web-site, social media platforms as well as hold an Annual General Meeting 
  • And as needed, survey and represent community response to specific issues requiring collective  representation.   

An OLLA membership (only $30/year) contributes to the sustainability of the lake environment through programs, information sharing and networking with other lake associations, local services and businesses.