Benefits of your OLLA Membership

According to a study conducted by the University of Maine, North American recreational lakes that are managed and protected by a strong lake or cottage association support real estate property values that are thirty to forty percent higher than on similar unmanaged recreational lakes. 

Community associations have been around for a long time to look after our interests as property owners. This is particularly important since, while the Province of Ontario, Municipality of Rideau Lakes and the Canadian Government have programs which regulate lakefront and recreational properties, these governing groups do not implement or run lake improvement projects.  It is up to us as a community to look after the lake, monitor changes or threats and concerns ourselves.

Your OLLA Board of Directors operates as a Not-For-Profit organization of volunteer members who are empowered through your Annual General Meeting (AGM) vote each year to champion and report back to you on issues impacting the health of the lake, residential environment and government programs impacting same.  

Where possible, OLLA engages with other Community and Lake Associations in various environmental and water quality projects.  Your $30 membership fee each year goes a long way in supporting many valuable initiatives AND in ensuring all news impacting your property and surroundings are reported back to you in a timely manner through seasonal newsletters, updated website, and “news bytes” to inform you on key events or items of interest.