Board of Directors

The Otter Lake Landowners’ Association (OLLA) is an association of property owners from all around Otter Lake that was formed in 1992.

OLLA’s objectives are simple and straightforward – to maintain the health of Otter Lake by working with local and regional governments, existing road associations, and individual landowners with properties on Otter Lake.   The Board liaises with the Township of Rideau Lakes, other government bodies and community leaders,  monitors and reports on water quality, elements and events effecting the local environment, holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in July of each year, publishes seasonal newsletters, produces and maintains a Sustainable Lake Plan, State of the Lake reporting, maintains an informative website and works with the Otter Lake community on issues impacting our lakeside 

With your OLLA membership and active participation, the Lake Association will continue its efforts to maintain and improve the sustainability of the Otter Lake environment.

The OLLA Board of Directors for 2020-2021

President Jeff Neal
Secretary June Finless
Treasurer & Government Liaison Karl Fiander
Lake Steward & Web Site Doug Franks
Lake Plan Judy Hodgins
Membership & Community Liaison John McKenney
Newsletter Susan Thum
Director at Large Eric Hempell
Director at Large Deb McVean
Director at Large Dianne Taylor