Docks & Shore Work

Docks and shore work on Otter Lake which alter the shoreline require approval and permits.

There are guidelines that must be followed if any landowner is planning to undertake work along their property’s shoreline.  Before any work begins it is the responsibility of the landowner to obtain all approvals and permits necessary.

The first step is for landowners to contact the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) and provide them with the required information for a review of any proposed dock and/or shore work.  The RVCA will determine if the proposed work is allowed and issue a permit, or will provide guidance on alternate options.

Approvals and permits may also be required from the Township of Rideau Lakes, the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Natural Resources & Forestry and/or Fisheries & Oceans Canada (Fisheries Protection Program).  The RVCA will advise landowners if the proposed work requires approvals/permits from these agencies.

Failure to obtain the necessary approvals and permits can result in fines and/or the requirement to return the shoreline back to its original state.

The RVCA has a document to assist landowners in understanding the “why and how” for obtaining approvals and permits.

This document is also available on our website:

RVCA Guidelines for Shore Works & Docks