Invasive Species

An invasive species is an introduced organism that negatively alters its new environment. Although their spread can have beneficial aspects, invasive species adversely affect the invaded habitats and bioregions, causing ecological, environmental, and/or economic damage. 

There are many invasive species that have made their way to areas in and around Otter Lake, the most notable being Zebra Mussels.  Unfortunately in many cases little or nothing can be done once an invasive species has been introduced.  That is why it is so important that everyone be diligent to ensure invasive specials are not accidentally or intentionally established in Otter Lake,

Since 2015 OLLA has concentrated efforts in eradicating, or at least limiting, European Frogbit though the help of volunteers and RVCA by manually removing this invasive aquatic plant from Otter Lake.  There is now a major initiative in Ontario to address the Invasive Phragmites, an invasive plant which primarily inhabits wetlands but can been seen in drier areas.  

OLLA has published articles in our Newsletters on invasive species and invite you to also refer to the following documents.

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