Lake Plan

A Sustainable Lake Plan is an action-oriented plan developed by the lake community, in consultation with local governments and agencies, to reflect, preserve, and restore the special character and ecological health of the lake.   The Lake Plan is a living document that is continually reviewed and updated periodically.

The proactive Lake Plan (based on the State of the Lake Report which contains historical and scientific information) includes a vision of long-term protection and sustainability of the lake’s ecosystem and associated benefits for future generations of residents through:

  • Identification of lake values and concerns held by the community at large;
  • Establishment of goals, objectives and actions to attain success of the Lake Plan over time;
  • Measurable community stewardship approaches (e.g. long-term monitoring of water quality, restoration projects, education initiatives, communications, etc.).

On July 25, 2015 the Otter Lake Sustainable Lake Plan was presented at the OLLA Annual General Meeting (AGM).  On April 23, 2017 the Water Levels section of the Lake Plan was amended.  In 2021 work began on a second edition of the Sustainable Lake Plan and plans are to have this updated document presented at the 2021 AGM.

The Summary of Action Items (July 2019) tracks the progress/outcomes of the 79 action items contained in the 2015 Lake Plan.

OLLA SUSTAINABLE LAKE PLAN – July 25, 2015 with Amendment April 23, 2017

Summary of Action Items – July 25, 2019 


Lake Plan
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