Interesting Facts

The following are some items of information that property owners might find of interest.

None of the bays and islands in Otter Lake have an official name even though some have been given affectionate names by residents. However the large bay at the Northwest end of the lake has always been known as Toohey Bay. Here s the sad story behind the name.

The Origin of Toohey Bay

In July 1977 a sport diver discovered an old piece of pottery in Otter Lake. As a result of this find an article was publishedand The Ottawa Archeological Society.

Otter lake artifact

Otter lake was the subject of a recent and quite detailed research article published by an internationally recognised paleolimnologist from Queen’s University.

Paleolimnology of Otter Lake

Otter Lake became infected with zebra mussels in 2001. It was only a matter of when it would happen, rather than if it would happen given that the Rideau system was already infected and the fact that we have a public boat access from Highway 15 that is used by numerous fishing enthusiasts.

Zebra Mussel Information

OLLA’s water quality testing regimen has indicated occasional higher than usual coliform and E. Coli counts in certain areas of the lake. This article contains some useful information on E. Coli.

Demystifying Escherichia Coli