Let’s Get the Lead Out is a program to save Loons and other wildlife from death by lead poisoning whereby fishermen and fisherwomen voluntarily replace their lead fishing tackle with lead-free tackle products 

OLLA has joined in support of the Wolfe Lake Association’s initiative to encourage fishers to switch from lead tackle to lead-free tackle through the Let’s Get the Lead Out campaign which includes a Lead Fishing Tackle Buy Back Program.  

Lead poisoning from lost lead tackle is a leading cause of death in adult loons, responsible for as much as 50% mortality.  Lead also threatens eagles and other wildlife, our water quality and other natural resources.

Visit for more information on the program, where to buy and/or turn in lead-free tackle.

There is also a receptacle at the Otter Lake boat launch to turn in lead tackle which will be collected and disposed of safely.

Please contact if you have any questions.